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Legislated (4.434M ha)
Proclaimed (1.105M ha)
Initial Component (2.258M ha)
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Note: This is a realtime data. Count is based on the data encoded on PA System.


Aichi Target 11

By 2020, at least 17% of terrestrial and inland water, and 10% of coastal and marine areas, especially areas of particular importance for biodiversity and ecosystem services, are conserve through effectively and equitably managed, ecologically representative and well-connected systems of protected areas and other effective area-based conservation measures, and integrate into the wider landscape and seascapes.

Philippine Land Area

30,000,000 has

Terrestrial Protected Area

4,653,564.09 has

Percentage (%) of Protected Areas (Terrestrial) in relation to Total Land area = 15.51%

Philippine Marine Area

220,644,600 has

Marine Protected Area

3,143,559.11 has

Percentage (%) of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in relation to Total Marine Areas = 1.42%